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Automotive & Transportation

Whether it is to reduce rattling and squeaking, shield heat, or dampen noise, Shurtape Technologies’ Engineered Solutions Group provides custom adhesive tape solutions to meet the ongoing changes and unmet needs of the automotive and transportation industry, including the commercial and recreational vehicle, aviation, agriculture and marine sectors.

Market Examples

  • Automotive: specialty adhesive-backed products and heat shields that meet automotive fluid testing; pressure-sensitive tapes for sound control; interior adhesives that meet the industry’s outgassing specs while maintaining superior performance
  • Aviation: custom, fire-retardant adhesives that pass the vertical flame test without the use of halogens
  • Emergency Vehicles: special adhesives for end-use applications, including visibility, heat shielding, shock suppression, side panel assembly, and squeak and rattle reduction
  • Farm Equipment: adhesive systems that withstand the unique challenges of farming, such as heavy debris and prolonged exposure to environmental elements
  • Heavy Equipment: specialty adhesive tapes and heat shields to withstand the rigorous operating demands of harsh environments
  • Recreational Vehicles: adhesive films designed to support the construction process for both decorative and structural purposes
  • Trucking: high-strength, heat- and fluid-resistant adhesive systems for demanding sound and vibration damping needs
  • Watercraft: pressure sensitive adhesive systems that meet the unique challenges of the marine environment


  • Vibration and acoustical damping
  • Paint protection
  • Anti rattle and squeak
  • Under hood heat shielding
  • Nameplate mounting
  • Airgap and gasketing
Shurtape Technologies’ Engineered Solutions Group is more than a vendor; they are a partner that is willing to invest time and resources to improve our operations. They introduced new equipment to make the process more efficient. They went out and found the used equipment that we purchased. They went out of their way to teach us how to use the equipment as well as train the team. The new equipment improved our throughput. It is this willingness to go beyond and help solve a problem that makes them a great partner.

Valued Tier 2 Automotive Supplier

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