Gaskets are used in every market imaginable, from plumbing to jet planes. Gaskets are used in applications like sealing, cushioning, gap filling, surface protection, mechanical aid and more. This wide range of applications requires a wide range of performance properties and a wide range of materials.

In addition to materials like foam, rubber, cloth, felt, plastic and others, pressure-sensitive tape is commonly used as well. Pressure sensitive tapes can be added to various materials to produce a gasket material with a pressure sensitive surface. The tape can be applied to one or both sides of the base gasket material. In some cases the adhesive tape alone is the gasket material.

Like with other materials, pressure-sensitive tapes are available in a wide range of performance options, making them a highly useful component and useful in many of the demanding applications that gasket fabricators come across. Here’s a short list of some of the tape properties that a gasket fabricator might find useful for special projects:

  • High/Low temperature resistance
  • Adhesion to High Slip/Low Energy Surfaces
  • Adhesion to foam and other cellular or porous materials
  • Conformability
  • Dimensional stability
  • High adhesion
  • Low adhesion or clean removability
  • Vertical holding power (shear strength)
  • Quick stick
  • Gap filling
  • Resistance to chemicals, solvents or plasticizers
  • Resistance to water or moisture
  • Suitable for skin contact
  • Breathable
  • Electrically conductive

I’m sure that I’ve missed a few but hope this helps. In addition to the properties listed above, the use of pressure-sensitive tape can provide additional features to the gasket. For example, the adhesion property of the tape can act as a third hand during installation by temporarily holding the gasket in place while mechanical fasteners are attached. Pressure-sensitive tape can also be used as a delivery system by providing a way to supply gaskets in roll form, making them easier to use. The addition of some pressure-sensitive tapes add strength to the finished gasket for easier application, processing or performance. Lastly, the peel-and-stick feature makes application quick and easy, reducing time and labor costs.