Custom Adhesive Products



Shurtape Technologies’ Engineered Solutions Group designs custom adhesive solutions to meet the unique needs of your application. Whether the job requires a single coated, double coated, self-wound, or transfer tape, we work with you from start to finish to determine and develop the ideal product that meets your specifications.

Single Coated Tape

Single Coated

A single coated tape is constructed with a facing material on one side and a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a release liner on the other.
Double Coated Tape

Double Coated

A double coated tape consists of a carrier and an adhesive that is coated on both sides and is covered by a two-sided release liner that allows for easy unwind.
Transfer Tape

Transfer Tape

Transfer tape consists of an unsupported layer of adhesive coated directly on one side of a two-sided substrate. Transfer tapes provide the advantage of conformability and can easily penetrate into the cell structure of foams and the weave of fabrics. Moldable transfer adhesives are ideal for applications requiring an ultra-conformable adhesive.
Transfer Tape

Self Wound

Self-wound tapes are built with an adhesive coated and permanently bonded to a substrate. Depending on the adhesive system and substrate needed for the application, a release agent may also be coated on the face of the substrate for ease of unwind.