Product Assembly

Custom adhesive solutions assembled to your unique specifications

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Product Assembly

Shurtape Technologies’ Engineered Solutions Group develops custom adhesives to assemble components across a broad spectrum of products. We recognize that each product assembly has its own unique challenges, so we partner with you to ensure quality and satisfaction – from start to finish.

Market Examples

  • Solar Panel: long-life adhesive systems that can withstand environmental conditions
  • Synshield: heat reflective tapes for protection of sensitive components and parts from extreme temperatures
  • Plastic Extrusions: double coated tapes for mounting applications


  • Foam fabricating
  • Laminating
  • Heat shielding
  • Seaming and protection
  • Splicing and mounting
We had an adhesion problem that we could not resolve. Our expertise was building equipment for our consumers and not in adhesion techniques. Shurtape Technologies’ Engineered Solutions Group not only identified the root cause, but also came in to train the team on the lamination techniques for the product.

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