Custom adhesive solutions designed to fit the demand


Converter-Friendly Custom Adhesives

Our converter-friendly adhesive solutions are precision-engineered to meet changing needs and customer expectations. That offering includes high performance adhesives that stick to a variety of materials, permanent and removable tapes, clean cutting, an array of liner options, toll coating and specialty product constructions, which we combine with our superior technical expertise to engineer a custom solution that meets your critical performance requirements.

Market Examples

  • Sealing gaskets
  • Mounting nameplates and wall-mounted devices
  • Protecting parts and devices in product assembly applications
  • Vibration damping
  • Weather stripping
  • Die-cut parts
  • Wide width laminating
  • Narrow width laminating
  • Slit rolls
  • Variety of adhesive types, permanent/removable tapes, and adhesive thicknesses to bond to low energy/high slip materials, rough or uneven surfaces, and fabrics


  • Sealing
  • Mounting
  • Sound control
  • Cushioning and protection
  • High/low temperature
  • General applications in the automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, building & construction, medical, graphic arts, and product assembly industries

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