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Custom adhesive solutions built with a standard of excellence


Building & Construction Custom Adhesives

Our proprietary adhesive solutions are designed to perform in a range of applications and meet specifications dictated by the pros. From environmental demands to regulations like RoHS and more, we work to meet the ongoing changes and unique needs of the building and construction industry.

Single Coated


Self Wound


Double Coated


Transfer Tape


Market Examples

  • Insulation/Pipe Wrap: adhesive tapes used to secure pipe insulation
  • Seaming: splicing tapes designed for binding various construction materials, including house wrap, foam board and other barrier films
  • Window Glazing: adhesive-coated barrier laminations and foams used for sealing and mounting
  • Building Envelope: custom solutions offering cold stick, UV resistance, high adhesion, breathability and more to seal the building envelope


  • High-performance window glazing
  • Seaming and sealing housewrap, membranes and penetration flashing
  • Insulation
  • Protection and privacy
  • Commercial and residential build and remodel
  • High-temperature welding mask

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